E-Commerce is booming! Use our strategy, which includes much more than just setting up another online store. Way more than just successful E-Commerce.

Build your successful E-Commerce Business today!
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E-Commerce is booming!

Even before 2020, both the major platforms and smaller stores have already achieved strongly increasing sales year after year. It's time to get your share!

E-Commerce vs. Online Shop: Knowing the difference is vital for your success.

Many people believe they just have to set up a website, install their web shop software and people will buy. That may have worked a few years ago, but not anymore. There is a whole range of special aspects to consider. The difference between the terms makes this clear.

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What is an Online Shop?

In short, an online shop is exactly the business model described above: website, shop software, products, done.

This can be successful, but it is becoming increasingly rare as there are more and more shops like this in the internet. It is more than ever about standing out.
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What is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce as we understand it is the art of finding customers online, inspiring them and eventually winning them.

But after that the process is not finished: Ongoing customer care and the delivery of additional, value-added content opens up opportunities that remain hidden to pure online shop operators.
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Stand out in the E-Commerce Business – With the right strategy

Our strategy for success is simple, because we have recognized one thing: It is less about the buying process as such, but rather about building long-term customer relationships. However, to achieve this, some questions must be clarified from the outset:

  • 1. Who is the target customer?

  • 2. What does he or she want to achieve?

  • 3. What does he or she want to avoid?

  • 4. How can we together build an ecosystem that helps the customer?

  • 5. How can we deliver sustainable added value to the customer?

You see, in the end, the product is only a means to an end and is not the focus of the strategy, it is just one pillar.

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Using the right media correctly

Yes, building a successful e-commerce business today requires the right media. This is what we mean by that:

  • a modern website

  • the right shop software

  • appealing colors, pictures and design

  • helpful and exciting storytelling-content

  • tools to build professional funnels

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Way more than just successful E-Commerce. Use our strategy, which includes much more than just setting up another online store.

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