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There is a good reason why we call ourselves Centaurus Media!


Centaurus is a bright constellation of stars that represents a centaur. All stars are superior, just like our strategy for a successful E-Commerce business. We don't start with details, but work our way from top to bottom.

The bright glow of the stars also serves as orientation. We help our customers to find their right way to success.

The represented centaur is a creature that is half human, half horse. The combination of cleverness, strength and speed is also something that distinguishes our team.


Most people do not have media in mind when they think of an E-Commerce store.

Bad for them, good for you! Because we have discovered that this is exactly what makes the difference in this highly competitive market:

An honest and good story, suitable pictures, appealing design – this is what we understand by media and all this we will use to make your store a very special one. Let your competitors behind – with our help!


A place we are proud to call home

In the heart of Europe, in the center of London, in the magnificent West End: Here is where the “magic happens” and where we work every day on the online success of our customers.

If you too would like to write your own success story, then get in touch with us. An online call will help us find out if we fit together and how we can best help you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Way more than just successful E-Commerce. Use our strategy, which includes much more than just setting up another online store.

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London, England

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